Probation Violations

The outcome of a probation violation is not automatic jail or prison. That’s because your probation being violated is not the same as your probation being revoked. If you know or anticipate that your probation will be violated, call me. We can deal preemptively with the violation before a warrant is issued for your arrest. If a warrant has already been issued, I can get a bond set in most cases so you do not sit in jail while the violation is pending.

The Motion to Adjudicate or Revoke details how the Court believes you violated your probation. I will review the allegations in the Motion with you, and together we will determine the best course of action.

If you are on deferred probation, a revocation of your probation means a conviction on the underlying offense. Addressing the violations expediently and effectively is crucial to keeping your record clear and obtaining a dismissal on the case.

Call me and we can discuss what needs to be done to keep you out of jail or prison on a probation violation.

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