Drugs and Controlled Substances

A drug charge can be devastating. You could lose your job, not be able to rent an apartment, have your driver=s license suspended, and potentially lose any state licenses you may have earned. Everything seems to spin out of control if on top of being arrested you have a drug problem. I pride myself on providing you with a strong defense and giving you the support and encouragement you might need to address a potential drug problem.

I begin by conducting a thorough investigation into the facts of your case to determine whether the police violated your constitutional rights. The most common violations are stopping and searching your car without reason or entering your home without a warrant. If the police violated your rights, I will file a Motion to Suppress to prevent the State from using any evidence derived as a result against you.


I will obtain and review all evidence in the case with you. The police can destroy or fail to preserve vital evidence such as digital recordings from a police car. Therefore, it is important to begin the investigation as soon as possible after your arrest.


If you are a first time offender with either a felony or misdemeanor drug case in Dallas County, there are programs available which can result in the dismissal of your charges.


Call me and I can answer your questions, discuss your case with you, and tell you what to expect. Getting your questions answered and becoming knowledgeable will empower you, ease your anxiety and calm your fears.

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