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My name is Nancy Elizabeth Ohan. I have been practicing criminal law for almost twenty years. I am Board Certified in Criminal Law by the State of Texas. I have the experience and expertise to guide you successfully through one of the most traumatic events in your life—getting arrested and charged with a criminal offense.

I became a criminal defense attorney to fight for and protect the rights we all have and stand up for those accused. I began my career as a criminal defense attorney in Florida. I moved back to Texas in 1999 and became an Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County where I prosecuted felony cases. I left the District Attorney’s Office in 2002 and opened my own criminal defense practice.
Unfortunately, the police most often violate the rights and pick on those who cannot afford to fight back. My fees are reasonable for this very reason—an excellent defense should not cost a fortune or be left to the State. A vigorous defense is vital to protecting the system which defines the protections against the police and State afforded to all, not just those accused of criminal offenses.

I take pride in personally meeting with and speaking to my clients. You will never just be a name on a file. I understand that you have a life, family, and job that can be dramatically affected by the outcome of your case. I understand and never forget that. I will take whatever time is necessary to speak to you, discuss your case, and make sure you understand the process. I am candid and will explain to you in a simple, straightforward manner what to expect. We will also take whatever time is necessary to investigate, obtain evidence, and develop the best defense strategy for a successful outcome.

Mistakes happen, but they do not define an individual. How you deal with them does. Call me and we can further discuss your options and begin developing a successful defense and strategy to deal with your case and get you back on track.

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